The Casta Diva studio is the only specialized Spanish language teaching center in Macedonia, recognized by the Cervantes Institute as an Exam center for obtaining the internationally recognized diplomas of Spanish as a foreign language (DELE). Since its beginnings, Casta Diva acts as a Spanish cultural center and hub for all things Hispanic.


Aside from Spanish, the studio offers courses in Italian, French, Turkish, Russian and Greek. Founded in 1998, Casta Diva offers professional language training for all ages and levels, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Since September of 2011 the studio moved into new facilities, in the center of the city, where students have class in a relaxed and pleasant ambiance in groups no larger than 11 people. The school caters to around 200 students in 5 classrooms.


                All languages are taught following the most contemporary methods, enriched with supplemental materials, specifically chosen to satisfy every taste and need. The curriculum is tailored according to the students’ age and offers an exceptionally large cultural overview of the language’s home country, as well as all countries where it is spoken. Our students have the opportunity to get to know the countries by listening to music, watching movies and taking out books from our library. Students may also use the library of the Spanish Embassy in Macedonia via our studio.

                Casta Diva also organizes study visits to Spain, where all those enamored with Spanish history, art and culture can see up close the masterpieces of Spanish artists in their visits to the most important museums in Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Valencia and Malaga.


                Casta Diva strives towards improving learning standards and conditions, from a professional as well as from a methodological standpoint, providing its students with the highest teaching quality available. Our experienced staff guarantees our classes’ impeccably high quality.

                Aside from educational work, the studio also offers translation and interpretation services in all languages, including English.


                Casta Diva welcomes you to the world of language.